Use ES6 today with jspm

ECMAScript 6 officially approved on June 17th, 2015 .Here is a compatibility table of ES6.As you can see,most browsers’ support is on the way.Most likely, we can use ES6 with morden browsers native support in 2016.
There is a way to use ES6 today.

jspm is a package manager for the SystemJS universal module loader, built on top of the dynamic ES6 module loader

Load any module format (ES6, AMD, CommonJS and globals) directly from any registry such as npm and GitHub with flat versioned dependency management. Any custom registry endpoints can be created through the Registry API.

For development, load modules as separate files with ES6 and plugins compiled in the browser.

For production (or development too), optimize into a bundle, layered bundles or a self-executing bundle with a single command.

Watch this 10 min tour.